One Land: Many People

One Land: Many People

Designed by: Timo Rannali

I believe it is imperative that the flag becomes a symbol of national unity. It needs to reflect the ethos of the nation through symbols and colour. The flag could be likened to a “story board” that explains where we have come from and it should inspire us to a stronger and better future.

My design tells the story of our nation: past and future. It is divided into 3 sections:

1) Top left section on the blue background. The 4 stars locate us geographically under the Southern Cross. The stars remind us that all first settlers navigated their way here (Maori and European). It also represents our European heritage ( ie. the first British settlers ), borrowing the colours ( blue, white and red ) and  the stars from our existing flag.

2) Bottom right based on Tino Rangatiratanga (designed by Hiraina Marsden, Jan Dobson, Linda Munn) reminds us of our Maori heritage. It comments on our nations` journey (past and future) through the Treaty of Waitangi by acknowledging the spirit of the Treaty.

3) The diagonal Silver Fern: a quasi-national emblem. It is the symbol of our multicultural society and it is the unifying element in the design; the glue between our past and the hope for the future. Each finger on the frond represents different people groups that inhabit New Zealand. This means that every New Zealander, regardless of ethnicity is represented.  They are united and held together by the stem. The arrow-like fern points upwards and forwards signifying our journey from strength to strength. If the blue section is like the sky (Ranginui) and the bottom right like the earth (Papatuanuku) , then the fern that dissects the sky and the earth becomes a symbol of ‘The Long White Cloud’ stretching across AOTEAROA.