One nation corporate !

As before but no fern, keeping it simple. The koru is of maori significance but known throughout the worlds cultures too. The white blade is Aotearoa and is also the shoreline between the sky and land. By doing so it ’connects’ us with our past, present and future. Colonial colours remain.

Flag by Keith Knightbridge

Unity Jack

Recognizing our Maori and British heritage, it integrates soft rounded elements of the koru into the sharp angles of a Union Jack design. It combines European red, white and blue with red, white and black commonly used in Maori designs. A distinctive, unique flag for our unique blend of cultures.

Flag by Martin Hermans

Blue Jack

An evolution of the existing flag; the bright red Southern Cross given visual prominence and the Union Jack replaced by a larger “United Jack” in subdued pale blue. This puts the emphasis on the part of the current flag that people identify the most, while recognising our Maori and British heritage.

Flag by Martin Hermans

Double Spiral

Hundertwasser’s 1983 koru flag, liked by many, misses the plurality of background / foreground interplay that distinguished Maori design. This black and silver double spiral design dances with cultural duality, learns from the past and builds a future. It is celebratory and refreshingly original.

Flag by Michael Smythe

Wā kāinga / Home

Each triangle of colour fits into each others space. Symbolic of the transition we currently have underway in Aotearoa. Maori/Colonial/Multicultural. Coexisting around the Maihi.( white space between the colours ).The bottom multicultural triangle in our national colour black is symbolic of strength


This flag shows

  1. Maori who invented their Treaty partners to share the land; The white diagonal shape is representative of the Maihi (the diagonal bargeboards) on the front of a Maori meeting house.  The white shape is also symbolic of the coming together of all three influences Maori, Colonial past and multicultural future. The red triangle top left is representative of our Maori heritage. This design also references the use of red, black and white in the Tino Rangatiratanga (National Maori flag)
  1. The heritage of British settlers.  The blue triangle top right is representative of our British heritage.  Bordering a white diagonal line symbolic of the Union Jack.
  1. Our multicultural society – now and into the future.  The black triangle is offering up strength and optimism as well as being symbolic of our mountainous landscape. It represents our national colour black already adopted and supported in a multi cultural context.

3_New-Zealand-Flag_progress-and-scale 2_New-Zealand-Flag_influence



Good design should have meaning.  Each triangle of colour fits into each others space.  Symbolic of the strength of transition we currently have underway in Aotearoa.  Maori/Colonial/Future

Good design should acknowledge the past as well as enlighten the future.  Our design shows a clear lineage from the Union Jack through the existing flag to now.  Red, blue, and white and diagonal shapes are a nod to the past with the introduction of Black our national colour representing our positive multicultural future.

Good design should be simple.  Exhibit no superfluous or unnecessary content.  It should be edited back to its purest form.  Our flag is pure and simple.  Less is more.  E.g. Canada and Japan

Good design should differentiate.  54 other countries use stars on their flag.  Our new flag can better differentiate without stars.

Aotearoa Welcome #1

The full measure of a culture embraces the aspirations of its people, and no description is complete without reference to their homeland. This design centres on what unites all people of NZ – land, sea and sky.
The fern – this land
The deep blue of the waters
Southern cross – our place on earth

Flag by Paul Smith

The flag of peace and prosperity

Around the world we are seen as a green and clean country, let us celebrate that with our flag!!

– The stars on blue, where we are on the planet.
– The red white and blue, is our past with Britain.
– The white. The long white cloud, Aotearoa.
– The green. Our forests, our pastures, our orchard

Flag by Leo Mangos