Unity Jack

Recognizing our Maori and British heritage, it integrates soft rounded elements of the koru into the sharp angles of a Union Jack design. It combines European red, white and blue with red, white and black commonly used in Maori designs. A distinctive, unique flag for our unique blend of cultures.

Flag by Martin Hermans

Blue Jack

An evolution of the existing flag; the bright red Southern Cross given visual prominence and the Union Jack replaced by a larger “United Jack” in subdued pale blue. This puts the emphasis on the part of the current flag that people identify the most, while recognising our Maori and British heritage.

Flag by Martin Hermans

New Zealand Onwards to the Future VERSION 5

2 ferns represents 2 hands embracing the stars represents british colony, kuro represents maori people with multicolor rays represents multicultural people. focal point of the flag is 2 ferns holding the different icons which means unity, and strength. BLUE COLOR BACKGROUND

Flag by Luis Bagayas

Double Spiral

Hundertwasser’s 1983 koru flag, liked by many, misses the plurality of background / foreground interplay that distinguished Maori design. This black and silver double spiral design dances with cultural duality, learns from the past and builds a future. It is celebratory and refreshingly original.

Flag by Michael Smythe

Unified New Zealand – Refined

The welcoming of land, sea & sky. The wave & arches (Blue) brining the settlers to new lands (green), guided by the southern cross & unified together. The Blue & Red representing our history, the green for land, prosperity & the colour of the Koru, together representing the people of New Zealand.

Flag by Lukas Kelly